Kategorie: In the office

Break-out of routine


Briefly before your meeting is about to start your mobile vibrates. A glimpse of it shows you a short message with a concise instruction. Not now! You turn around and walk back into your office, time is tight but somehow you don’t dare to say „no“. The constantly present lust and challenge are too big and inviting and you still remember perceptibly the consequences when you rejected once last time. You could not imagine getting that far and it was all just about to come which was denied with more and more endurance. The control of your lust in my hands.

You feel the rosebud which you wear since the morning. A very present impression right now, slightly inconvenient however fulfilling. Also, your ring is attached tightly, almost outstanding your maleness. And the challenge will still be increased. Directly you bring yourself a few times in a row short to the edge of your excitability. You are nervous while you lean yourself back in your chair. And do what I demand from you. Hot flashes go through your body while you don’t leave the door out of sight. You almost can’t hold it, don’t want to hold it however you remain decent and controlled. Just in time you take a photographic proof and send it to me fast.

On the way to your meeting, you grab a magazine from your desk so no one can discover which highly explosive volcano just bubbles inside you. You exit your office fast now, feeling the tension and restriction under your surface, in your trousers. Propulsive excitement.

Appetite to follow your play instinct?