At the first moment, it appears not really tangible what you can find here. However, that’s what could make it so exciting for you: revealing and exchanging little secrets that transform your ­­­­­­­­­­inner imagination into a film festival.

Everything just in your head, you just obey and your external freedom remains untouched. Inwardly, you are enchained. You hide so no one notices the sensations happening under your skin. No one just can assume what and who drives you.

We sit opposite each other harmlessly drinking coffee. You tell me about your last days which were very scheduled and you busy with many decisions to take. You belong to the successful in this world. However, it doesn’t allow you much space for your alter ego. This world is grave and serious. No matter: now and here we make a plan to conquer that space. We create a parallel world, a playground in which your alter ego can secretly participate and enjoy itself while you manage the tasks of your serious life.

I notice a small bear of sweat on your forehead. It is hot and humid under your shirt, under your tight latex top, under your skin. You feel your pure nature vibrating under your surface. Now it lies in my hands. Open and protected.

Play with me!