Distant Coaching

Beginner Offer

This terrain is quite new for you and you slowly want to explore what it is about, how it would feel for you to lay your daily routine into the hands of an experienced femdom? Who charmingly thwarts your everyday plans with relish and enriches your ordinary tasks with juicy challenges which you have to take for her?

Together we will work out possibilities to put slowly and gently a leash on you to make you tame for me. Therefore we will find suitable details that bring my presence even from a spatial distance closer to you. This could include e.g. an individual dress code like you will wear something especially for me that could be something more unconventional or fetish like a latex slip or nylons with suspenders. You will wear this just for me, invisible to anyone else. Maybe we will find also a nice kinky accessory which you will wear exclusively for me and internalize my presence.

Imaginable are daily rituals as well which you will perform and report me. You will prove me that your sexual desire lies in my hands and you are again and again available for my lust to control your lust. I will challenge you synchronous to your rising frequency. Further, I will give you a special weekly task which you will fulfill for my pleasure and for which you could become rewarded.

So we can approach slowly and have adequate time to work out an individual concept catered to your life reality I offer you this starter package:

4 weeks of beginner distant coaching (each Monday to Friday): 1.500 Euro fees

Kinky Business Support

Your daily business routine becomes an adventure. A defined dress code will show you who is your real boss. You will wear what I want and how I want it. So Discreetely and precisely no-one just can guess what makes you sweat. May it be a latex shirt under your business suit, the nylons under your trousers, a discreet rosebud, a chastity cage or a cock ring – small details which will remind you my presence during your day. In between, you will fulfill juicy extra tasks which will just encourage you to bring out your potential. Welcome to a new dimension of excitement in your office routine!

No matter where you live and how big the spatial distance is between us: the encoded real-time communication of the 21st century (like WhatsApp) will bring me discretely and directly close to you. We will create an exciting program around your duties that will suitably fit into your weekly schedule.

Fee for 1-week distant coaching (Monday to Friday): 600 Euro

You wonder about it? Write me!