Personal Coaching


You sit opposite of me. we drink coffee, very harmless and appear just formal. You report me of your last days between business-as-usual and the fulfilling of special extra tasks which gave your usual routine a particular coloring. How close you came to your limits and how exciting that was. Now I want to see if you wear what I demanded from you. With a short gesture, I point to the WC. Slowly and with a meaningful gaze you get up and move towards it. A few minutes later my mobile vibrates with a message from you. Yes, I like what I see. But I want more from you…

During a casual meeting we could meet up in a café, maybe a bar or an exhibition. I also escort you discretely to an event or fair. Under your visible outfit you will follow an invisible dress code which I have contrived for you. According to as we will build our playground and the opportunities the surrounding offers, you will also spontaneously have to face one or another compelling challenge. You stroll a fine line between subtle excitement and increased suspense so even a not so exciting background could become a stage for a captivating game.


As agreed you are waiting in the Espressobar. The remote control which you placed at an arranged hideout I hold covered in my hand.
I enter the café and press the buttons while I slowly pass by the bar. Quiet as a mouse you don’t reveal yourself, you are just well trained. I sit down at a table and take a book out of my bag. This is your sign. You take place at the table next to mine and I raise the frequency. Your facial expression changes slightly for moments and your view wanders for seconds to me. However, you keep your composure. We still have some way ahead, incognito, that’s self-evident.

Your need for confidentiality is high? An incognito-meeting name says it all. We arrange a setting in advance which offers us the space to meet undetected and if necessary even unknown. At agreed places, there will be found remote controls, toys and/or secret orders. We will explore the playground together but we will not appear together. Depending on the setting we even wouldn’t know if we would be in the same place.

My fees per hour: 200 Euro

Please note my site straight talk in this context.

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