Straight talking

You can find here multifaceted stimuli for secret and exciting performances which make you the main actor in your private, definitely erotic mental cinema. My role is that of the director, I will offer you a script, will give you orders from the background, will lead you deeper into your lust and desire, your power and endurance, all suitable for your everyday life.

As our contact will exist mainly virtually we easily can forget about spatial distances.

Should we encounter in the context of a personal coaching certain borders will not be crossed. I will not change into the role of the main actress. When we will play with and dive into your erotic fantasy and use its dynamics there will be no mutual physical experience between us. This movie has no classical Happy End.

I like the subtle varieties of Tease & Denial and will always keep control of you and your submissive desire. We will come mentally very close however, there will be no erotic or sensual physical exchange.

In case you wish the fulfillment of such delights please get in touch with one of the various providers of escort services, domina services etc..